Message from Wrench, our State Rep:

Many of you may be aware, the NBOD discontinued the Long Range Riding Platoon (LRRP) National Program effective 1 January 2020.  While there were some aspects of the Program that the Membership found unsatisfactory, the LRRP Program  overall was well-received and the decision to discontinue the LRRP Program was not, however the feedback was heard by the State Representatives who decided to try to continue the Program for the CVMA Membership without it being run by the NBOD.
Several State Representatives stepped up to form a Committee to review the LRRP and redesign the way the Program is run.  State Representatives within the Committee worked for several months to improve the Program and present it to the NBOD for continuation as a State Run Program with standardization across the CVMA nationally. 
The focus was on two specific areas for significant changes within the LRRP Program:
First, “payment” is now required AFTER the completion of the achievement and validation by the State Representative.  Previously, Members had to pay first and if they were unable to complete the planned ride/achievement Many of you; there were NO REFUNDS.
Second, due to size differences of States, a “Inner-State” Achievement allowing Members to accumulate miles WITHIN their home state for an achievement was incorporated.  Some Members have greater difficulty completing a Tri-State due to state location/size.
Final approval from the NBOD to continue the updated LRRP Program was granted this past weekend.
The guidelines and application submission packet are attached.
All applications will be collected and verified before payment is required.
Verified and paid applications will be submitted for patch/tab orders at the end of the calendar year.
All patches/tabs will be presented the at the State Meeting.
I am happy to be able to extend the LRRP Program to the Oklahoma Membership and look forward to presenting the patches and tabs at the State Meeting to recognize the riding accomplishments of our Members!

We need to support our brotheres and sisters in Oklahoma by participating in their rides and events.  If anyone hears of rides and events sponsored by our brother and sister chapters let me know.

Choir Practice:

We have a weekly gathering of brothers and sisters that we refer to as "Choir Practice" that is normally held on Thursday evenings starting at approximately 1900 hrs and all are welcome to come.
For the most part, we meet at the Town Pump Lounge located at 4960D S. 83rd Ave, Tulsa.
On the 1st Thursday of each month we meet at Max's Garage located at 116 N. Main St, Muskogee.
Choir practice gives us the opportunity to outreach with other veterans, promote a positive relationship with others, give our patch visibility, and suggest upcoming events as well as maintain the fellowship that exists in our chapter.
For the most up-to-date information and changes on when and where Choir practice will be held, you can refer to our Facebook page; CVMA 10-2 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

Chapter meeting - November 15, 2020 at the American Legion in Tulsa.  Meeting starts at 1400 hrs.