​​​Monthlychapter meeting, 3rd Sunday of every month.
Beginning at 1400 hours.  Our meetings will be held at the American Legion Post 1,  1120 E. 8th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Remember, this is your chapter and what you put into it is what you get out of it.  Our chapter needs you to help it grow and become known throughout Oklahoma.

News and information

News and Upcoming Rides


 August 8, 2020 - Ride to Sedan, KS to Big Bucks BBQ and Steakhouse for our fireworks stand meal.  Road captains will come up with a meeting place and time.

Oklahoma's Annual State APR -
 Thursday August 27 through August 30   at  Robber's Cave State Park
 2300 Park Cabins Road
 Wilburton, OK
​They have rooms, cabins, campsistes, or RV sites  YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW

​​August 27, 2020 Muskopgee Brewing company bike night - 1600 hrs until 2200 hrs

2021 CVMA nationals - To the best of my knowledge all room blocks have been sold out.  We have 1 room available so if you need to reserve a room let either myself or Don King know.


Future meeting dates & locations:

All meetings will begin at 1400 hrs

August 13, 2020 - leaders meeting at 1830 hours - location is "mom's restaurant" located at 41st and Mingo.

August 16,  2020 - American Legion Post 1 in Tulsa                                             beginning  at 1400 hours


Choir practice, Thurs @ 1900 HRS,, location TBA

​​​​CVMA CHapter 10-2 is a charitable organization per IRC 501 (c) (19) 

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​Delivered a Gold Star Afghan to the family of LTC. Ron Scott, USAF. LTC Scott was KIA during the Vietnam War and recently interred in Claremore, OK.

​​​​​​Remember to check on a brother or sister during this trying time in our Country.

​​Covid-19 Vet Craft Kit - Free to Quarantined Vets:
Veterans confined to their homes because they’ve tested positive for COVID-19 can get a free quarantine kit thanks to a partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the nonprofit Help Heal Veterans.  The kits are designed to keep the vets occupied while they are isolated in their homes or a health or long-term care facility, according to a release from the nonprofit.  “Lockdown equals depression and anxiety,” a news release from the department says. “Heal Vets has increased therapy kit production for those military/veteran personnel in quarantine and is shipping as many pallets of therapeutic craft kits as quickly as possible to VA centers across the nation that are being used in the quarantine efforts.”
Since the start of the pandemic in March, Help Heal Veterans has provided nearly 50.000 of the kits to more than 90 VA medical facilities, according to a VA release. “Part of VA’s charge is to support the positive mental health of veterans and these crafts and leisure activities will benefit that effort,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie in a statement. The kits contain craft supplies, reading and educational materials as well as items that veterans can use to make their own face masks.  Under the partnership, supplies for the kits are given to local groups, who then assemble and distribute the kits. The nonprofit added that the kits are also “utilized in restoring coordination and impaired motor skills, improving concentration or relieving symptoms of depression and PTSD.” To learn more, click here and check out   https://www.healvets.org/how-we-heal/heal-vets-craft-kits

94% of Vets at VA don't qualify for dental care - Congress is considering a change:

As reported July 23 by Abbie Bennett for Connectingvets.com, about 534,000 veterans qualify for dental care from the VA. But that leaves about 94 percent of veterans without dental care from VA. Members of Congress want to change that, but VA leaders objected, arguing the department doesn't have the capacity, staff, or money to provide more dental care, which they said could cost tens of billions. Rep. Julia Brownley, D-Calif., introduced a bill, H.R. 96, which would require VA to furnish dental care to eligible veterans like any other medical care. 
A previous VA report also showed that providing dental services "could result in a reduction of overall medical costs," Brownley said. That report noted that neglecting oral health can contribute to health problems, cardiovascular diseases, some cancers. and other health concerns

VA would be forced to add 3 illnesses to Agent Orange Presumptive list under Senate-passed plan:
As reported July 23 by Leo Shane III for Military Times, Senate lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to force the Department of Veterans Affairs to add three serious illnesses — bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, and Parkinson’s-like symptoms — to the list of conditions presumed linked to chemical defoliant exposure in Vietnam. The move has the potential to extend veterans disability benefits to tens of thousands of veterans, but still faces a long legislative road ahead. The proposal was added to the Senate’s draft of the annual defense authorization bill, which still must survive negotiations with the House in coming months. But the 94-6 vote sent a strong message of support from lawmakers to administration officials, who have resisted the change in recent years because of the potential costs of the move.





For more news regarding veterans and active duty personnel refer to the "Veteran and active duty news" tab above.





Our brothers and sisters who have left this earth and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The Past in History, the Future is a mystery, and the Present is a gift from our God.

 "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly  proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation."
                                                                                                                                         President George Washington