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Aug 24 - Inaugural 5 Branch Memorial               Run,Tulsa​Chaper 10-2 CVMA

​      This is a sanctioned ride

Choir practice, Thurs @ 1900 HRS,, location TBA



Our brothers and sisters who have left this earth and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The Past in History, the Future is a mystery, and the Present is a gift from our God.

 "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly  proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation."
                                                                                                                                         President George Washington

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​Delivered a Gold Star Afghan to the family of LTC. Ron Scott, USAF. LTC Scott was KIA during the Vietnam War and recently interred in Claremore, OK.

The inaugural 5 branch memorial poker run will be held on August 24, 2019.  More information will follow soon. This is a sanctioned ride
​​Monthlychapter meeting, 3rd Sunday of every month.
. Our next meeting will be on July 21, 2019 beginning at 2:00 PM.  The meeting will be held at the DAV building in Coweta

Articles of interest:

Senate passes Blue Water Navy Bill, cementing victory for ill Vietnam veterans:
 The Senate unanimously approved a bill Wednesday, June 12, 2019, to extend disability benefits to veterans who served on Navy ships off the coast of Vietnam, signaling the end of a decades-long fight for these former sailors and Marines to receive compensation for diseases presumed to be caused by exposure to Agent Orange and other defoliants used during the Vietnam War.  Following similar approval by the House last month, the Senate vote sends the bill to President Donald Trump for his signature.

​​​DoD council will examine how ‘wholesale’ changes in military health care affect troops’ families:
 Citing upcoming changes in the military health care system, a high-level Defense Department advisory council  will be focusing on how those changes affect military families.
The DoD Military Family Advisory Council voted to make that a primary area of focus in 2020.  “This is an area  where there’s going to be a great amount of turbulence associated with the redoing of our health care system, so  ultimately it’s really important that we understand how it’s impacting our families as we make these changes,” said James Stewart, acting under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness and chairman of the council.  “These are wholesale, large changes to the way we provide care to our beneficiaries, not necessarily to the  members, but certainly to our members’ families.
“That will have a huge impact. I’d be very intrigued to see and monitor how it affects the families.”
The military health care system has been undergoing reforms, which began implementation in 2018, including fewer Tricare regions, with new contracts that took effect in 2018. Families in many areas have had trouble finding health care providers who accept Tricare, and many complained about their increased costs.
But DoD is also in the process of changing the entire structure of the system, moving the management and  administration of hospitals and clinics away from the Army, Navy and Air Force, to the umbrella of the Defense ealth Agency. DoD has also been looking at “rightsizing” the system, with an 18 percent cut in medical billets.
And DoD is reportedly rethinking the entire structure of its contracts for health care in the civilian community,  which could include smaller Tricare regions and possibly agreements with some high-performing civilian health  care systems. Across the board, these changes are being referred to as Military Health System reform.

Something to think about -

If something happens to you, would your spouse know where to go to find important papers like your DD-214, insurance papers, last will and testament?  It is a important that you let your spouse, or someone you trust, where you important papers are.

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